Celebrities Items That Got Sold at Ridiculous Prices ‘A gum chewed by Pop Star Britney Spears got purchased at $14000’

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There have been numerous cases where celebrity’s stuffs are sold at absurd prices. In 1996, one of the most eminent hip-hop artists was shot by a mysterious gunman in a white Cadillac. Hip Hop Artist Tupac Shakur was shot at a spotlight in Las Vegan. Tupac is still celebrated 25 years down the line and his car that he got shot is been sold.

The actual car that he was killed in a 96 BMW 750IL was been sold in 2018 at $1.5 million. After three years the car was been sold for $1.75 million, which is about Ksh 193 million. The price of the car increased due to the fact that Tupac bled in the car.

According to the seller the car was restored to its original states but there a tiny dent where the bullet had struck the car. The automobile has an automatic transmission of five-speed and a 12-cylinder engine are said to be in a good condition.

In the recent years, the hip-hop artist items have been auctioned to the highest binders. The artist had a collection of 22 love letters which was described as steamy and amazingly sweet by Sotheby’s. The letters were written when he was 16 and involved details of his high school relationship with Kathy Loy. The letters were sold for sh 8, 308,440.

Biggie’s plastic crown prices increased from sh 659 to sh 65,363,025 after Blue Ivy wore a mockup of the Biggie’s plastic crown.

A tissue that was used by Scarlett Johansson for instance was sold for sh 1,681,470.


Shoes worn by Michael Jordan were sold for sh61, 544,000. Michael Jordan’s Nike Air Jordan 1s was the most expensive sneakers and ended up in the Guinness World Records book.

In 2004 someone purchased a one piece of gum at $14,000 that Britney Spears had chewed and spat out.

One Directioner Niall Horan leftovers were sold at sh 10, 990,000 dollars on ebay after he took a big bite from a toast with Vegemite live on Australian Talk show. The Australian broadcaster put the half eaten toast for auction on ebay.


The One Direction guys were on a show and were asked to try some traditional cuisine which included the popular Vegemite spread.  Niall Horan was not a fan and didn’t finish his toast, the broadcaster decided to auction the leftovers where there were binders who were willing to pay over $100,000.


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