Size 8 Loses Baby Number Three after Undergoing an Emergency Surgery Due to High Blood Pressure

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Gospel singer Size 8 loses her unborn child after a highly elevated high blood pressure that made her undergo emergency surgery. She was expecting her third child and they explained how she had to undergo the surgery that made her lose the pregnancy.

In a shared video, Dj Moh stated that he was called while he was working and he had to rush to the hospital.

Linet Munyali famously known as size 8 narrated how her pressure rose high and doctors tried their best but to no avail. She had to go an emergency surgery due to high blood pressure.

Size 8 was in her fifth month of pregnancy but lost the child when the high blood pressure rose to an unmanageable level. Speaking in a video shared her husband DJ Mo stated that doctors had to terminate the pregnancy to save size 8’s life.

“Dr Nyamu advised us, he said at this point we have to save the mum, we had no other option. We had to do that professionally, we are from the theatre and Linet is safe.”

The Mateke hit maker narrated how the high pressure was too high and even made surgery difficult.

“My blood pressure rose to a high level and for some time stayed abnormally high.”

Doctors tried all their best to manage my pressure but it still kept fluctuating. They even administered different drugs to no avail. I had to undergo surgery,” she said.”

The Gospel singer remained positive despite what had happened and was supported by her husband Dj Moh who was with her during the entire surgical procedure.

She stated “I’m am grateful to be alive, and I’m so grateful for life and that’s the main reason I’m remaining positive because I have life and Wambo and Junior and my husband have been around and I have the opportunity to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, so I’m not going to complain.”


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