A Stranded Girl Who Was Crying Carrying a Placard Receives Help from Different Well-Wishers

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A Stranded Girl Who Was Crying Carrying a Placard Receives Help from Different Well-Wishers

A 15-Year-Old Girl was spotted walking along Parliament Road, Langata, Moi Avenue and Kenyatta Avenue with a placard urging well-wishers to assist her to pay sh 29,177 for school fees. At some point, the girl broke down as she begged for school in Nairobi. Multiple well-wishers came to her aid and assisted her.


“This is very heartbreaking! As a mother, it has brought me down to my knees. I am left wondering, is it just rhetoric when the Ministry of Education directs that no student should be chased away from school because of school fees?”

The form two students by the name Mellan Njeri Njuguna studying at Khumbu-ini Secondary School said that she was sent home after her mother was unable to pay her school. The well-wisher who came to her aid included Milicent Omanga a Nominated Women Representative, was the first to offer a helping hand and other well-wishers including governor Mike Sonko.

“A fee balance of Ksh29,177 can easily be sorted by the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) and the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). I am looking for this girl. I am going to pay for her school fees, buy her shoes and give general support,” Omanga stated

The former Nairobi Governor promised to support the stranded girl but on a condition that they provide the school’s account number or pay bills instead of the parent’s number.

“In as much as we always like chipping in to help in such needy cases, we ought to investigate why parents use personal numbers rather than the schools.

“I have witnessed many fake cases in my philanthropy. However, I have the said amount (Ksh29,177) in my mobile money account but I need the school’s pay bill. I will also top up additional pocket money,” Sonko said on his social media page.

Her mother Anne Wangeshi confirmed that the teenager was her daughter and also stated that she was a casual laborer and the only breadwinner in her family. She confirmed that her daughter had been sent home due to school fees and she was among those who were told to clear the balance.

There have been many cases of school fees fraud in the country. Recently a form one student was forced to drop from school after she was reported to have used dubious excuses to collect money from well-wishers. Maureen Chepngeno a form one student who has was supposed to be admitted to St Michael’s Girl High School had lied she was an orphan.


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