Erick Omondi Promises Mr. Seed Ksh 1M for Being the Only Remaining Male Gospel Artist in Kenya

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Mr. Seed finally released his album ‘Black child’ after postponing it for months. The event was held in Westland at Pride Inn Centre where many artists had gathered including Erick Omondi. Erick Omondi during his speech termed Mr. Seed as the only male gospel artist remaining disregarding Ringtone and Bahati.

“Mr Seed is the only male gospel artist remaining. Ringtone ni wife material na Bahati ni wash wash,” he claimed.

The comedian promised to award Mr. Seed with ksh 1million and will be recorded for proof. Other people who attended include Mr. Seed’s wife Nimu, Ringtone, Bahati and others. The album was released after he dropped a song featuring Kate Actress who entered in the music industry. Bahati praised the new album and he said that his happy when his ‘brothers’ prosper.

“I’m happy when my brothers prosper; I’m happy for Mr. Seed as he launches his new album ‘Black Child’  Winning is your portion in Jesus Name.#Brosforlife,” he said.

Bahati had earlier on claimed that the gospel industry was verminous with artist that didn’t believe in what they peached in their music.


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