6 Types of Friends That You Should Unfriend Immediately

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6 Types of Friends That You Should Unfriend Immediately

There are different types of friend some will have a positive impact in your life or a negative impact and you may not realize it. As we grow older we get to know what we want and the kind of friends that are good or not good for us. Here are the 5 types of friends that you should unfriend.


Some friend will make plans with you and cancels the last minute or makes changes of their plan to be somewhere else where you are not included. A friend who ditches you every time are not worth keeping. You should also be sure if they are canceling plans for a genuine reason or not. Making excuses to cancel a plan can be okay once or twice but not all the time.


The Self-Esteem Demolisher

A real friend will love you the way you are but a bad friend try destroying your self-esteem to make themselves feel better or to protect their own delicate self-worth. A friend who keep identify in your flaws or fat shaming you, should be kicked out of your life.

It’s all about them
A friend who speaks to you about their problems in life but would not want to listen to yours are people you should cut communication with. A friendship should be two sided and where two friends are involved.

Too much Competitive Friend

Competition is healthy and fine but there are those friends that are over competitive and will strive to compete with you. When you purchase something new this kind of friend will try everything to get the best version of it. You should never keep such kind of people around as they will always bring a strong negative vibe which can be very annoying.

Very moody

Some people are naturally moody and one moment you find them happy the next minute they are not talking to you or picking up your calls for no apparent reason. You don’t need this kind of friend that are unpredictable as they will waste most your time determining how they are going to act.

Negative People

People who are negative vibes all the time and don’t see anything good in everything. When you talk to the person they make you feel demotivated and depressed, this are the kind of people to unfriend.

The financially draining friend

Friends who will always involve you in using large amounts of cash even if you feel guilty for misusing money that you wanted to buy a furniture or put it in your savings. When you mention not having money they look you in shock. They may be financially stable than you and you have you put up with their lifestyle which is straining for you.

The Energy drainer

The types of friends who make you feel tired and drained after spending time with them and they will always look happy and energized everytime they drop off their entire emotional burden on you. These are the kind of friends to stay away from as they will suck all your energy.


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