sakaja: I Was Offered Ksh.1 Billion To, Drop Nairobi Governor Bid

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Johnson Sakaja, a candidate for governor of Nairobi, now asserts that there was an attempt to pay him Ksh. 1 billion to withdraw from the County’s governor race.

Speaking on Thursday, Sakaja, whose attempt to become governor is still being contested in court, claimed that a high-ranking official had approached him and asked him to fake being ill in order to abandon his governorship aspirations.


However, Senator Sakaja chose not to disclose the name of the said official, who he connected to the State House.


“Kuna hela flani nitapatiwa niachane na hicho kiti ati niseme nimekuwa mgonjwa. Kuna mtu alitumwa kwangu kutoka State House akaambiwa aniambie. In an interview with Radio Jambo, the Nairobi senator stated, “Ilikuwa 1 billion na nikasema hapana.”


Sakaja also asserts that threats of arrest and legal action were made against him after he disobeyed the order. The “empty” threats, according to Sakaja, did little to thwart his plans to run for office, noting that he is still steadfast in his commitment to helping Nairobi’s citizens.


The phrase “Nilisema sitajiuzulu na wakajaribu kunitisha ati watanishika” is used. What’s going on, then? In a pose.


Sakaja also shared his thoughts on leaving the Jubilee government and joining the Kenya Kwanza camp.


While stating that he has the utmost respect for President Uhuru Kenyatta because of their time spent together in the National Alliance (TNA) party, Sakaja pointed out that his departure from the Jubilee party was caused by a difference in views on how Nairobi would be run once President Kenyatta assumed office.


I am sina shida na mtu. Ni ukweli tulifanya kazi kwa tumekuwa Rais na namheshimu marafiki kwa undani sana. Tokuunda TNA na nikaja kuwa mwenyekiti, namshukuru kwa ile safari ambayo tulikuwa nayo kuanzia nikiwa na miaka ishirini na nne, he said.


The phrase “Vile tuliendelea niliona kuna tofauti kwa ile mpango wako nayo ya Nairobi na nikaikubali na nikasema sina shida nao lakini ni lazima nipate nafasi yangu” means “I have a voice” in the


When the High Court rules on the controversy over Sakaja’s academic credentials on Friday, he will know if his name will be on the ballot.


The Commission for University Education’s decision to stop recognizing Sakaja’s university degree certificate was rejected last week by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).


Sakaja would be the most likely candidate to win the Nairobi Governor race if the elections were held today, according to a recent Infotrak poll.


Sakaja, a member of the DP Ruto-led Kenya Kwanza alliance, has a 6-point popularity lead over Jubilee’s Polycarp Igathe, who came in second place with 33% of the vote.


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