Big Win for Somali-born in the USA.

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A former refugee who stayed in Kenya, Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, has won in the US elections again. Omar won her seat after trouncing her opponent.

A fierce Democrat woman, Omar was up against fellow African American Lacy Johnson, a well-known businessman. She won against Lacy easily to retain her seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Omar,38 years old, received 64.6% of the votes cast. Her closest opponent, Lacy Johnson, comes in a distant second with just 25.9%.

The independent candidate Moore Michael came in third with 9.5% of the votes cast in the 4th November 2020 elections.

Three hundred ninety-one thousand seven hundred four came out to vote in Minnesota. After winning, Ilhan Omar said, “Our GOP spent Ksh 1billion to get 4% more than my 2018 republican opponent who spent Ksh 2.7million. Misplaced hate has separated so many Republicans from their precious dollars. We, by contrast, spent less than Ksh 544 million and got more votes than any other MN CD candidates,”

Her win in 2016 made her the first Somali-American Muslim to be in an elective position in the Minnesota parliament and the larger united states of America.

Ilhan Omar, has a tough-talking approach to politics. She is also among the unique group of women referred to as Squad. The group’s main plan is to go for higher elective positions in the US.

The Minnesota House of Representatives winner went to America at the age of 14 years old. She went to the US while fleeing the volatile situation in her country, Somalia. Somalia was struggling with civil wars back, even up to date, Somalia is not yet fully stable.

She is on record saying that her career in politics started when she attended the Democratic labor party’s caucuses.

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