Akothee announces that she’s in Her Final Year of Completing her First Degree

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Akothee stated she is pursuing a degree and shared papers that showed she was pursuing a degree in management. The remarkable entrepreneur shared the news on social media expressing confidence that she will soon complete her studies.

“I will just finish with school,” she shared a video

The mother of five shared another video that indicated that she was in the fourth year, first semester and she also specified the units she is covering. The Akothee Safaris founder stated that she will complete the first semester in three months.

“Where is my problem? I need to finish with school. Please I will be out on break in three months. I need to finish this degree,” She stated

Previously Akothee had revealed the grades she got in high school. Another stated she attended Nyabiswa Girls High school where she dropped from school and got married. She went back and sat for her KCSE at Wasio Mixed School where she scored a C+.

“I didn’t go to school for a white collar job. But at least I got myself a job with my C+. As I struggle with my degree, please leave me alone,” the mother of five wrote.

In 2016 she had a distressing experience where she lost her marriage and happiness.

“I had no degree nor defined profession” she said

She also stated that she was happy with herself for being rich and changing her fortunes.

The sensational singer is also a successful entrepreneur with a company named Akothee Safaris and she is among the richest artists in Kenya. She lives a luxurious lifestyle with flashy cars, and mansions in North Coast, Zurich in Switzerland and other locations.

Her children also are a source of inspiration. Her daughter firstborn Vesha Okello who is the CEO of Akothee Safaris and alumni of Strathmore University where she got her first degree in Commerce. Her second-born daughter is a model who has won various awards including the Best Model 2018 Dear awards and other prestigious awards.

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