Roots Party leader Wajackoya Case filed Questioning His mental wellness

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In order to prevent Roots Party presidential candidate Prof. George Wajackoyah from competing in the forthcoming General Election, a Nairobi lawyer has filed a suit.
“At times, his behaviour has placed his soundness of mind into doubt,” says Bernard Okello Odero about Prof. Wajackoyah’s behavior, which he says has caused “disrepute to the position of president.”

Before enabling Wajackoyah to run for office, the IEBC, he claims, did not assess Wajackoyah’s mental stability.

In an interview, the vice chancellor of Kenyatta University reveals why he and the state house had a tumultuous relationship.

Furthermore, the lawyer alleges that Wajackoyah’s 10-point manifesto on June 30th stated that he would suspend the constitution and hang corrupt lawmakers if elected president, all of which is against the law.

This violates Kenya’s international obligations, which include the right to life and freedom from cruel and degrading treatment, according to court records seen by Reuters.

Odero also claims that the Roots Party presidential candidate is married to an American citizen who has never changed or gained Kenyan citizenship and who has been permanently residing in the United States at the time of the petition’s filing.

It was noted in the records that “…his children are all American citizens who now reside in the United Kingdom, where they are also eligible to run for president in accordance with the requirements of the constitution…”

According to the Kenya Human Rights and Equality Commission, IEBC, and the British High Commission, Wajackoyah and IEBC are listed as the first and second respondents respectively.


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