Diamond Officially becomes Zuchu’s husband

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Diamond, a musician from Tanzania, has finally confirmed the rumors that he is dating Zuchu, another bongo Flava performer.

Rumor has it that the two celebrities first began dating in December 2021 and then got married in a private ceremony.

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In response to Wcb Wasafi’s comment a few days ago, which featured a beautiful performance from Portugal Afronations,

Diamond referred to himself as Zuchu’s husband in an Instagram comment.

“He was born to entertain the world close-up shot lion king Mr. electricity on stage,” The Wcb Wasafi wrote.

The moment presented itself for Diamond to respond, “That’s Zuuh’s huband.”

At the listening party for Zuchu’s EP a few weeks ago, the two, who couldn’t stay apart, declared to the world their undying love for one another.

In one performance, Diamond put his hands on Zuchu’s thighs and stoked her behind as they danced and cuddled. The two lovebirds were caught in an explicit dance.

In Africa, people are wondering whether Naseeb Juma is really hitting Zuchu or if he is merely chasing power.

Zuchu’s mother Khadija Kopa hinted at her daughter possibly walking down the aisle on Valentine’s Day earlier this year, but the wedding never took place.


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