Win For Sakaja As High Court Dismisses Petition On Degree

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A case involving the eligibility of Johnson Sakaja, a candidate for governor of Nairobi, has been dismissed by the high court.

IEBC had no error in approving Sakaja to run for governor, the court said on Tuesday morning, dismissing the lawsuit due to a lack of evidence.

The court noted that it is the role of the parties to substantiate claims they bring before the court and that there was insufficient evidence to shift the proof burden from the petitioner to Sakaja.

Sakaja’s inclusion on the ballot was temporarily prohibited by a court order filed by Denis Wahome to stop the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

He claimed that Sakaja’s Team University degree is a fake and asked that his name be removed.

Wahome had previously petitioned the IEBC to question Sakaja’s academic qualifications, but the tribunal dismissed it because it lacked the authority to rule on the legitimacy of Sakaja’s degree.


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