Shaniqwa’s EX WIfe Naomi Jemutai Welcomes Newborn With New Boyfriend

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After Kelvin Mwangi, better known by his stage name Shaniqwa, revealed the painful details of his split from his then-wife Naomi Jemutai, the two engaged in a nasty online blame game, jumping from one media outlet to another to try and place the blame for the breakdown of their once-happy marriage on the other.

That appeared to be “water under the bridge” until a few days ago, when it appeared that old wounds had been reopened by what is now appearing to be a life-changing event in not only Naomi’s life but also that of the elderly couple.


In an interview with Citizen Digital, Naomi Jemutai claimed to have found a life as a club host and entertainer after leaving her marital home and her son behind. She also claimed that she was still broke and unable to get her son back from her ex-husband.


In the explosive interview, Naomi vehemently denied ever having an extramarital affair with actor Shaniqwa and accused him of a variety of vices, including alcoholism and infidelity.


Before she could respond, however, Shaniqwa had given media personality Jeff Kuria a stormy tell-all in which he was given graphic details about Naomi’s alleged infidelity, his loss of income, his struggles with depression, and how he was left to care for their son by himself.


Kenyans watched as the two fought each other online, with everyone appearing to have come to their own conclusion as to what actually precipitated the breakup.


Now, Naomi—who has been staying under the radar for the past few months and hasn’t been seen hosting clubs like she used to—appears to be the newest mother in town.


A bouncing baby boy appears to have been born to Naomi, or Mkale Msungu as she is known online, and she hasn’t kept her happiness from her friends, fans, and followers hidden.


Naomi shared a picture of her new partner, city DJ Sliqboy, holding the newborn while standing next to a hospital bed on Instagram.


Naomi gushed about her man in the caption, saying that she had asked God for a blessing and received two, possibly alluding to her new baby and the new man in her life.


The well-known DJ also shared the same image of himself cuddling the infant and adoringly gazing at him on his personal Instagram page with the caption, “Prince AJ, welcome to the world, son. Papa adores you. Without a doubt, today is the happiest day of my life.”


The DJ received hundreds of well wishes and heartfelt congratulations from people who welcomed him into fatherhood.


Oddly, Naomi Jemutai’s final Instagram post was published on May 7, 2022.


This appears to be the last straw for the elderly couple, supporting either party’s earlier claim that their relationship had irretrievably fallen apart and that they would never reconcile.


Shaniqwa has recently been busy creating content on YouTube, revitalizing an old TV character, and hosting club events in addition to other activities like Instagram influencing.


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