‘It’s Lies!’ CS Matiang’i Dismisses Ruto’s Claim On Withdrawal Of Police Reservists In Kerio Valley

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Lies, Lie, and More Lies! As for Ruto’s complaint about the withdrawal of police reserves from Kerio Valley, CS Matiang’i says it is unfounded.

There are lies! CS Matiang’i dismisses Ruto’s claim that police reservists in the Kerio Valley have been withdrawn from duty.

Security deployment is informed by the security environment and consultations with local leaders, according to CS Matiang’i, who dismissed Ruto’s sentiments.


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Deputy President William Ruto claimed that National Police Reservists (NPRs) were pulled out of the conflict-prone Kerio valley to punish him, which Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has dismissed as lies.

On Tuesday night, Ruto said the decision to remove the NPRs from high-risk areas like Elgeyo Marakwet and Kerio Valley, where bandit attacks are common, back in 2019 was motivated by politics.


When the National Police Reserve (NPR) was withdrawn “because it was intended to punish William Ruto,” Ruto said, “I have deployed my personal resources to deal with that situation.”


It’s a real tragedy that so many people died, but that’s the nature of Kenyan politics, he continued, “unfortunately.”


CS Matiang’i, in a rebuttal, dismissed Ruto’s sentiments on Wednesday, stating that security deployment is informed by the security environment and consultations with local leaders. Matiang’i


“Since the beginning of time, we have never withdrawn National Police Reservists (NPRs) from North Rift or any other part of the country. In the security sector, reviews are conducted from time to time based on the needs of the organization “The CS uttered these words.


“And in the majority of cases, local groups are consulted… Some wananchi, including their political leaders, claim that NPRs should be redeployed.”


Politicians, the CS warned, should not use security issues as a political football.


“To be completely honest, I find it difficult to comment on some of the more trivial aspects of politics because some people treat lying as if it were a profession. Those lies were laid bare for your perusal the day prior. The only thing they’re honest about is their name, which they’ve been known to fabricate “Matiang’i made the comment.

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