‘The Bhang We Want To Legalize, Export Won’t Get You High,’ explains Justina Wamae.

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Prof. George Wajackoyah intends to legalize and commercialize for export if he wins the August election, according to Roots Party Deputy President candidate Justina Wamae.

Wamae stated during the Deputy Presidential Debate on Tuesday at the Catholic University of East Africa that their preferred marijuana compound is cannabidiol (CBD) rather than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) (THC).












While CBD is an important component of medical marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the chemical component of marijuana that causes people to get “high.”

“THC, which contains the psychoactive ingredient, is the cousin of marijuana that is usually confiscated by police. Our focus, on the other hand, is on CBD, which comes from industrial hemp “She stated.

“That is the marijuana we support, and industrial hemp is used in industries such as textiles, construction, and beauty, to name a few.”

She also urged Kenyans to keep an open mind when it comes to profiting from marijuana farming, pointing out that Kenya is missing out on many lucrative revenue-generating ventures simply because some of them are considered taboo in Kenya.

According to Wamae, Kenya is still adhering to outdated practices rather than joining other countries in legalizing and reaping the benefits of the illegal drug.

“Other countries have done it; why can’t we? Our role is to help Kenya see the future. Marijuana is adaptable “She stated.

“We are advocating for industrial hemp, not THC; this is not for consumption.”

CBD is available in gels, gummies, oils, supplements, extracts, and other forms.

She also revealed that Wajackoyah’s government will implement measures to regulate marijuana cultivation despite legalizing the controlled substance in order to prevent it from being abused locally.

“All farmers will need licenses, and we will introduce agricultural officers who will investigate the product and the farming process,” she said.


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