Dj Mo Style is all She needs; Betty Bayo Says.

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Gospel artist has come out to advice men on what to do to their sweethearts if you have wronged them. In one of her latest posts on Instagram, she said, “Don’t allow pride to make you lose your family.”

She went on to put men on notice to accept that they have made a mistake and take the first available opportunity to apologize to her,

“Just Dj Mo her,” Betty wrote. She referred to Dj mo, who was recently on the verge of losing his marriage after establishing he had been cheating on her wife Size 8. Despite the allegations, Dj more was able to quickly and smartly able to contain the situation hence saving his marriage.

Size 8 also took a bold step in calming the situation by dedicating her time to fasting, praying, and offering to forgive her husband.

Thanks to their fast actions, the two are currently having the best time of their lives on the beautiful coast.


Men, would you take this bold step of accepting and apologizing? It is understood that men will say the best way is to deny, deny, and deny. No man is willing to drop gangster points. What is your opinion?

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