My x Twitter Account Is Suspended! How to unlock it

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Having your Twitter account suspended unannounced can be very frustrating. This Is more especially in the current world where a lot of communication and engagements are happening on this platform more than ever. You can stay safe from such frustrations by avoiding some of the reasons that lead to Twitter taking such action.

Reason for Account Getting Suspended.


To maintain a safe environment for all Twitter, some accounts usually get suspended due to violation of the laid Twitter Rules. Some of these reasons are;


  • Spam


Most of the time, Twitter may place an account into temporary limitations on some given features or even lock it. This happens when the management starts to see some violation and comprising of the laid Twitter terms of service or the given rules. Having fake twitter accounts and spams are usually against the Twitter Rules. They lead to the introduction of security risks for Twitter itself and all its users.


  • Account Security Risk


You may also login into your account and a message comes reading that your account was locked. This could be due to some security purposes. This means that the management noted some suspicious behavior that might comprise your account.  The account remains suspended until the owner securely restores. This done  to reduce any chance of possible malicious activity that can occur.

To unlock such a case, you only need to secure it by changing your password. If there is an email that is associated with that account, instructions are sent to the email address. In case you don’t get such an email from Twitter, it is always good to check from your junk, spam, and social folder.


  • Abuse Behaviors and Tweets.

Engaging in abusive languages such as sending other people threats or impersonating can have led to temporary suspension and in other cases, may lead to the account being locked permanently.

If the account was locked due to an exhibition of automated behavior that violates the Twitter rules, Twitter requires you to confirm whether you are the rightful owner of that account.


How to Get Your Account unsuspended?

When such a case happens, what would you do to get back your account? By following this procedure, you can successfully get your locked account back into a functioning format.


  • Start by logging in to the account.
  • Check the notification message that alerted you of your locked account.
  • Tap or click start.
  • Proceed by entering your phone number. It is worth noting that the number you provide will be associated with your account.
  • A verification code will then be sent to you via a text message of you can get a voice phone call. Note that, it might take a few minutes before the code gets to your phone.
  • After you have entered the verification code, tap or click submit to have your account unlocked.


Further, you can as well file an appeal to the management so that they can unsuspended your account. This is if you were unable to follow the above procedures and you are convinced that your account was suspended by mistake. This can be achieved through opening a new browser tap first, then filing your appeal.

Regarding Twitter rules, you should read and understand them carefully more especially the circumstances that lead to suspension of accounts and the other policy enforcement actions

Account Limitation for Twitter Rules violation

When an account gets limited due to a Twitter Rules violation, you are allowed to browse. However, the much you can do is to send your followers a direct message. This is means is that you are restricted from engaging in other Twitter actions such as tweeting, liking, or retweeting and that you can only be able to view your previous tweets.

Twitter may require you to do some action before you can get out of your limited state. The action required such as verification of email address, adding the phone number into your account, and deleting all the tweets that violate the Twitter rules.

You can resort back to your limited account through;

  • Logging in to your account.
  • Search for the message notifying you of your limited status.
  • Tapping or clicking start
  • Following the given instructions to finish the requested actions.

Can I Use My Suspended Username as My Twitter Handle?

Unfortunately, you can’t use your username as your Twitter handle since it’s already active.

In conclusion,  ensure you have an active account all the time. to achieve this,  take notes of the said Twitter rules and follow them to the latter. Also, when you suspect an activity that you are not aware of, always alert the management. this will help them  take action to avoid the possible risks that come along with such.



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