Mtumba Man who’s Video Went Viral Lands a 5 years Brand Ambassador Deal

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Maya got famous overnight by advertising his merchandise through videos. Despite him getting criticism he still continued with his cross-dressing strategy. The hawker’s effort paid off after he landed a deal of 5 years with Devine Collection. He is now their official influencer, which includes accommodation and monthly salary.

The businessman in Kisumu’s name is Sande Mayau but he is nicknamed Mtumba man. The dream chaser became famous overnight after he posted an amusing video of sales pitches of the clothes he was selling went viral.

The man’s effort brought him good fortune as he will now be taking an ambassadorial role for five years with a Nairobi fashion house. The creative hawker is now a brand ambassador for a retail outfit in Kilimani that deals with shoes, menswear and accessories. The man also frowned to Wilson Airport from Kisumu International Airport.

“I used to sell women’s clothes in Kisumu streets and folks would question my idea. I am now flying to Nairobi to sell men’s clothes,” he stated in a video

Devine collection announced also that Mayau has been offered a 5 year contract as an influencer with a dressing, accommodation and salary inclusive. Before fame the mitumba man was operating a stall near Kisumu Boys High School and later rebranded as a cross dresser.  He thanked God for the far that he’s come.

Cross-dressing is a strategy that has been used for many years to improve brands.

“I thank God for making my videos viral. I didn’t know they would be shared widely,” he stated in another video.

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