Erick Omondi gifts Mr. Seed 1million that he promised

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Erick Omondi had promised Mr. Seed 1 million when he was launching an album. He also honored him for being the only male artist that remained in the gospel industry. During the launch attended by other celebrities, there was a fundraiser to support Mr Seed financially. The comedian fulfilled the promise of gifting Mr Seed one million.

“We PROMISED and We’ve Delivered!!! Mr. Seed is the only Remaining Male Gospel Artist in Kenya. He must be protected and supported. @mrseedofficial

“Nilisema pale kwa launch kwamba Seed is among the best Gospel artiste wenye wamebaki in the whole Country and we have to invest in Mr. Seed. Ilikuwa muhimu tukuje tupatie Mr Seed hii Doo” noted Omondi.


Mr. Seed thanked Erick Omondi for fulfilling his promise. He also said that he will continue releasing gospel songs and assured Erick that his effort was not in vain.

“Thank you so much, Eric…am so greatful…Eric Alisema 1 million na ametimiza. Kuna zile zilisemwana hakuna hata moja imetimizwa…but at the end of the day wasee walikam kunisupport na nilikuwa so humbled na nashukuru sana”Mr seed stated

“Nataka kueka minimum wage for any artist anajulikana. Lazima walipwe 500,000. Mimi nataka kusema apa, na sio kiki… On Tuesday, kujeni na mkuje na hawa watu wa camera. Mimi natoa 500,000… 500k inatoka kwa mdosi wangu. Hapa sio politics. Nishaambia Mr. Seed na nimekuambia. We will give you guys 1 Million…” said Omondi.

Comment from his followers:

@team_mushprince asked: “Are you trying to say Guardian Angel is singing secular music? Stop this joke.”

@sleekcalvo said: “Pin location we give him an escort.”

@ongwen_ said: “He should remember to tithe.”

@d_ottiey commented: “Are you thinking what am thinking? As long as his songs hit.” @kablackie12_254kenyan_boy added: “Good work.”

@ericgotkeyss said: “This is too hot.” Omondi flaunts KSh 3m on hotel floor


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