Medical Student Cons His Parents In Fake Kidnapping, Gets Robbed By ‘Mchele Babe’ In Thika

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A medical student who allegedly faked his own kidnapping in an effort to dishonestly extort money from his parents has been detained by police.

Edwin Kamau, a 23-year-old student at Makindu Medical Training College, is reported to have gone into hiding last Sunday and cut off communication with his father before calling his mother and alleging kidnapping.


The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) claims that before hanging up on his mother, Kamau informed her that his captors demanded Ksh. 70,000 to release him.


“After receiving a report from his upset parents, police officers started a manhunt for the kidnappers. The calls continued, though, and Kamau eventually informed his mother that his captors were about to kill him, according to a statement from the DCI.


In an effort to save their son’s life, the parents sent the first Ksh. 10,000 installment on Wednesday, July 6. Unbeknownst to them, Kamau would use this money to buy himself and a woman he met at a Thika nightclub—who would later rob him—entertainment.


The DCI claims that the woman is a member of the notorious drink-spiking gang.


“Kamau went to a club in Thika as soon as he received the initial Ksh.10,000 to irrigate his throat and have a good time with a babe he had met. And as luck would have it, the woman was a pishori administrator who stole the money and laced his drink with an unknown substance.


On Thursday, Kamau called his parents after regaining consciousness and said that his “abductors” were demanding money and that they had sent him an additional Ksh. 40,000.


Kamau was unaware that the number was already being followed by detectives, though.


Detectives who were investigating the case eventually caught up with him and took him in for questioning. He claimed that he was attempting to recoup the lost school fees from the previous semester.


He had withdrawn and hidden Ksh. 38,600 in his shoes when he was discovered.


The DCI stated that the student “further disclosed” that he had been “kidnapped” along with two other students whose parents had paid their ransoms.


In the meantime, Kamau is being held at the Kayole Police Station.


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