Is it back to Lockdown?

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The Ministry of Health has sounded a warning due to the rising of the  Covid-19 cases. Speaking in Mombasa yesterday, Cs Mutai Kagwe noted that the country was staring at a possible health crisis due to the high numbers of corona being reported.


Cs Kagwe said that all that could be now is coming up with fresh COVID -19 restrictions to curb the spread.


The ministry of health stated that the second wave of COVID-19 is more alarming than the first wave. Dr. Patrick Amoth retaliated that the only possible way to contain the disease’s spread is by the government instituting stringent measures.

As of Friday 30th, October 2020, the number of all infections was at 53.797. This was after 1,185 people turned out positive. Those who lost the battle were 17 as the total tally jumps to 981.

All this comes at the backdrop of politicians continue ignoring the MOH guidelines s they converge in various parts of the country for their political functions.

Among those in total disregard is the Deputy president who staged camp in some central Kenya parts. In the cameras’ full glare, the attendees of his rally were notably noted observing social distancing or putting on masks.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition Chief have also fallen victim to this in the recent past.

source:kenyan prime


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