How many Men Have Shared a Bed with Vera Sidika??

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How many Men Have Shared a Bed with Vera Sidika,

Story by Bonface Maticha:

Vera sidika and Brown Mauzo

Just recently, Sidika posted on her Instagram, “I got married to my best friend. I love you so much, my husband @brownmauzo254.”

She narrates that she loves Brown Mauzo because they are a perfect match from the day they met. Vera did not stop there; she even asked God to protect and lead them in their newfound love.

Before Mauzo came into the picture, Vera Sidika has had a relatively long list of lovers. Do you remember the Oga, my broad? Yes, there was a Nigerian guy by the name of Yommy Johnson, who resides in Dubai. All was sweet until Yommy accused Vera of not respecting their relationship.

Yommy Johnson even claimed that vera had aborted their child.

Apart from Yommy, recently, Vera has seen One Jimmy Chansa, a doctor from Tanzania. The relationship seemed to have lasted longer than her previous ones giving hopes to Instagram in-laws, but it too ended in premium tears.


Then there is little known Dr. Badmus Tommy Daniel from Nigeria. It is claimed that Dr. Badmus is a gynecologist based in Nigeria. Despite their romantic messages on social media, it too ended in premium tears just like the previous ones.


Who doesn’t remember that Jacob Obunga, famously known as Otile Brown, was in the mix too? Theirs lasted about six months, but it also ended with Vera claiming that Otile was too broke. According to Vera, Otile could not stop borrowing money from her.

sources: instagram


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