6 Tips of Weaning a Baby

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According to the NHS, weaning a baby should be done after exclusive for six months of breast feeding.  It is also recommended that the babies should get most of their nutrition from breast milk for up to twelve months. Hence the need to religiously continuing with breastfeeding or formula milk giving to the child for up to one year.

However, after the sixth month, you can always start introducing your little one to solid food which is commonly known as weaning.

Weaning has always been an area of concern to many moms, especially first time moms. However, if well prepared, you can always have your way out and at ease. That said, here are some of the tips that can help you get ready for weaning a child.

  1. Reduce the Number of Times You Breast Feed Slowly.

Be keen to observe which feeding is not that necessary to the baby and stop giving it. After some days check for another one and do the same. In most cases, breasting at night is usually the most important one and thus you can make it your last feeding to drop.

  1. Try Holding the Baby Close

When weaning the baby from the breast, try to soothe while holding him closer if feeding on the bottle. Ensure you talk, cuddle, or even sing when doing that.

  1. Use Motion

At times, the babies refuse to wean from the bottle if they are weaning for the breast. Having some motions can assist you well in this. Do it while sitting on the birth ball. You can wear the baby on a baby carrier on a sling. It might not surprise you to notice that doing this while walking can as well be a good strategy.

  1. Use Distraction

When the child is looking forward to being nursed, you can always use distraction by maybe playing a game or even offer a good healthy snack. Such distractions while ensuring you keeping eye contact ensure you give your baby the attention he needs hence going a long way in extending the time for feeding.

  1. Ensure You Give the Baby More Attention

When breastfeeding, the baby’s needs such as cuddling, feeding, soothing, eye contact, and sucking gets fulfilled. You must continue giving the baby the same attention and affection, skin-to-skin contact, and eye contact while weaning from the bottle.

  1. Practice with Cup

Any babies that are breastfed using use a cup with an inbuilt straw to wean instead of using a bottle. You can try starting with a small cup with some small amount of water as they keep on learning how to use it.

It is worth noting that weaning is a process and hence it should be well prepared. Proper weaning is when the child is well-fed, satisfied by whatever he eats. by so doing,  by he’s able to move on. Further, the decision on how to wean your little one depends on the relationship both of you have. This, therefore, makes you know exactly when is the right time for you to feed the child.

Are you having problems weaning your child or further questions? Always seek advice from a professional nutritionist who will guide you through.

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