Will Aisha Jumwa Survive It

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Hon. Aisha Jumwa. Photo; Facebook

The member of parliament for Malindi constituency, Hon Aisha Jumwa, is facing a murder case. The mp and her bodyguard, Geoffrey Otieno’s hearing of the case has been scheduled for 2nd February 2021.

-The accused were informed of this development when they appeared in one of the law courts in Mombasa for the mention of the case yesterday 3rd November 2020.


-The court was informed that the office of the director of public prosecutions ( DPP) has lined up 30 key witnesses to testify against Aisha and her bodyguard Otieno.

Through their lawyer, the accused requested the judge to order the office of the DPP to provide to them the details of the witnesses.

Jumwa and Otieno pleaded not guilty to the allegations of murder of one Michael Ngumbao Jola in October 2019. The deceased met his death during a buy election campaign in Ganda Ward in Kilifi county.

During one of Jola’s meetings, chaos erupted when Aisha Jumwa supporters stormed the forum claiming that the orange democratic party supports and officials were planning to commit an electoral offense.

It is during the chaos that Jumwa’s bodyguard allegedly shot Jola.

Jumwa is a staunch supporter of the deputy president William Ruto and the hustler nation narrative. Thus, the mp was sent packing by the orange democratic party that sponsored her to parliament.

During the 2017 general elections, Jumwa was one of the most prominent critics of the jubilee team led by Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto.

It is suspected that the deputy president decided to cancel one of his rallies recently because of her current troubles.

Will the firebrand and straight shooter politician survive the stormy waters?


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