Not yet Time for Back to School

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While addressing the media on Monday, the cabinet secretary in charge of education hinted at a possible resumption of learning for three more classes in the next three weeks. The education cs indicated that it was possible for std7, grade 3and form 3 students to resume learning.

The education stakeholders may have reached a consensus to have schools resume for the three more classes in three weeks. The professor added that they were to consult with the president on Wednesday before giving a clear direction to the country.

During the beginning of the extraordinary summit chaired by President Uhuru Kenyatta, the president urged the attendees to look at the education sector and how it can get back to its feet again.

When the president emerged to address the nation after the summit, he was categorical that the schools will remain closed for the classes that have not yet opened. He further directed that the candidates stay in school but urged for heightened observation of the MOH guidelines.

Many public schools need facilities that can enhance adherence to the ministry of health guidelines in curbing the spread of corona.

Many schools have been hit hard with floods, hence no classes where learners can learn.

Is it true that children are safer at school than when at home? The number of teachers testing positive for corona is rising steadily. The same case applies to students and pupils who are already in schools. Do you support the resumption of learning for the classes? What will happen for the other types who have not been scheduled to resume learning?

This is even after Voi Primary School was closed indefinitely after three teachers tested positive for the coronavirus.

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