I will not get another child Abel Mutua said

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Abel Mutua, a filmmaker, has dismissed those who have urged him and his wife, Judy Nyawira, to have a second child.

People should unlearn the outdated belief that a couple must have more than one child, according to Abel.


“If I decide I only want one child, it is a personal choice, I don’t see how it affects you….if it does affect you, we would try to have another…


But why are you unable to sleep? “I know why I decided one child is enough; I have my reasons; if you want to have 15 children, by all means,” Abel said in an online interview.


One of the reasons the storyteller is content with just having his 12-year-old daughter is that he believes he can fully provide for her on his own.


“I believe that the kind of life I want to give my child is only possible if I have one.”


Abel, who goes by the moniker ‘Mkurugenzi,’ added that becoming a father at such a young age was traumatic for him. This influences his decision to limit it to one child.


“That fear remains within me. Even learning that someone is pregnant makes me nervous. “It’s all because of the trauma I experienced 12 years ago,” he explained.


He claims that his decision can only be changed if his wife Judy decides she wants more children.


Abel also recalled the day Judy, then 22, informed him that she was pregnant.


“She cried the entire day.” I told her that if a baby is on the way, it is our responsibility to adjust to the situation. I told her I was prepared to deal with whatever came with the baby.”


The film director revealed his parenting secrets, saying that maintaining a friendship with the child makes it easier.


“We have some respect for each other because she knows she can’t lie to me.” We have a formula that works. Being a child’s friend, Abel said, “create a friendly environment with a child.”


As a content creator, Abel has been including his daughter in his vlogs with extreme caution.


“We’re watching everything; her tablet has YouTube Kids, and we get email notifications when she downloads anything.”

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