3 people arrested at JKIA after transporting election material

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The three, who were said to have flown in from Venezuela, are reported to have arrived in the nation on July 22 after distributing stickers to help label and distribute election materials.


The individuals were flown into the nation to carry out a legal contract relating to the use of technology in elections, according to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).


The Kenya Integrated Election Management System is being supplied, delivered, installed, tested, commissioned, supported, and maintained under a legally binding contract between the Commission and Smartmatic International B.V., according to the IEBC.

According to a statement on their website, Smartmatic is an American company that calls itself “the global leader in applied cybersecurity technologies for elections and government systems.”


The three are said to have been detained after IEBC stickers were discovered by the airport’s screening equipment. Police found 17 rolls of election stickers for various constituencies in a man’s bag after searching it.


The commission was then contacted by the police to see if they recognized the three people arriving from the sixth-largest South American nation.


In order to make the necessary security arrangements, government agencies are required to notify officials in advance of any upcoming cargo, according to JKIA. They assert that IEBC, however, failed to communicate, which led to the arrest.


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