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Are you a Safaricom Customer? For a long time, netizens have complained of how Safaricom consumes both Airtime and bundles at an extraordinary rate. It seems like Safaricom is paying you all they ‘stole’ from you.


As of Wednesday the 28th of October, Safaricom customers will enjoy one free call. The call can last up to 20 minutes. All this is in line with the company’s 20th Anniversary.

Who gets to enjoy this birthday gift? The company noted that they would send notifications to its SELECTED customers to notify them of their birthday gift of free calls through its website.


The company was quick to note that since they have been in the business for 20 years, all those who will be turning 20 years just like them will get Free 20GB worth of data bundles. The bundles will be valid for not more than seven days.


Moreover, all customers who will be purchasing Tunukiwa voice offers for themselves will also receive 20minutes. The minutes will cut across all networks.


In 30 days, a promotion christened [email protected] will allow customers to purchase 20 minutes worth call time and 20MBs for only Sh20.

Meanwhile, the gigantic telecommunication company has warned its customers to be careful not to be conned l. After a link surfaced online, the warning came after urging Safaricom customers to give out their numbers to be awarded.

A tweet seen by  The Kenyan Prime from the Safaricom Company urges its customers to click on for more information on their 20th birthday offers.

The link that was widely shared on various media platforms tricked Kenyans since they thought that they would be among the ‘lucky winners’ by sharing their numbers.

It is indeed party after party at Safaricom. Are you among the lucky genuine winners?




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